Language Summer Camps: The perfect holiday for children to grow and learn!

Yippie!!! Summer is around the corner! Children and adults alike are looking forward to the holidays, the longer days, the sun, ice cream in every corner… Summer is the perfect season in Tyrol to be outdoors. What we decide to do in our longest break of the year is as varied as people are and depends on our interests and hobbies, our routines, whom we want to spend this time with and some other practical elements such as the number of days we have at our disposal… And especially the last few months taught us to value every moment and people around us.

Summer time is time for new experiences

Some people decide to use their break to try things they have never done before. When it comes to families, school holidays are a wonderful opportunity to spend quality time together and live unforgettable moments that will linger in their memories forever. Do you still recall swimming at the lake, eating that giant ice cream or running away from that dog chasing you? Yes, holidays are simply amazing, and spending them children can be quite challenging. We all know how full of mental and physical energy children are and how parents may struggle to find entertaining and valuable ways to fill up their days during this time of the year. Let’s be honest, planning events out every day can be tiring and expensive, and that is why many parents are looking for alternative ways to keep their little busy bees entertained and stimulated.

If this is also your case, keep reading… Summer Camps are a great way for kids to get introduced to a foreign language for the first time or to improve on existing skills. Here the academic monotony gets spiced up with fun cultural and outdoor activities which they can share with boys and girls their own age. Guided by professional native trainers, children get fully immersed in the new language both in the class and outside, so they learn it like a game, practically without noticing, just like we all learned our mother tongue.

An opportunity to learn and grow

Additionally, they get the unique opportunity to interact with fellow students from different nationalities, expanding their knowledge and views about the world, learning about respect, collaboration and tolerance. These social relationships often develop in friendships for life. And that is not all, did you know that language summer camps are often the first time that many children spend time away from home, parents and siblings? Yes, it is. They suddenly find themselves outside their comfort zone, in a new environment surrounded by people and situations they do not know, which requires them to adapt and grow. No wonder that parents report how children come back not only with a bunch of new words but also with some unexpected and valuable skills such as a new developed independence, confidence, acceptance for other people and cultures or willingness to keep learning, to name just a few.

For your child, the camp will be a lot more than just a fun language course, becoming in fact a deep growing experience that marks the beginning of many good things to come and that they will forever cherish!

inlingua runs yearly Summer Camps near Innsbruck for children 9 to 14. For dates, location and other details click here or call +43 512 56 20 31. You can also check out our facebook page.