Kids, this is what awaits you in language summer camp!

inlingua’s Language Summer Camps have been for years a favourite with children and parents alike during the summer break. They are not only a great opportunity for the little ones to get introduced to a new language in a fun way but also offers them the opportunity to interact and learn about other cultures. Parents love the fact that children are doing something productive during the holidays, and by spending time away from home, they learn to grow in independence and personal skills. You can read more about the benefits of summer camp here Now, Spoiler alarm!! Spoiler alarm!! If you and/or your child are the type who likes wonder and adventure, do not continue reading and let yourself be surprised!! But, if, on the other hand, you prefer to know more details of what is about to happen, we are going to share with you what to expect during those wonderful couple of weeks with us.

The camp: learn “naturally”, have fun and grow

Being a language camp, Learning is of course at the heart of what we do, and we are proud about our special way of doing it. With us, you can forget about the traditional ways full of boring theory and inefficient memorising. Instead, inlingua’s “natural” method  is all about exposure: every day our little guests spend a few hours in class, immersed in their new language, guided and supported by skilled teachers who encourage and reinforce them through repetition and numerous didactic materials.

The learning goes beyond the class as children have the rest of the day to apply what they have learned in everyday situations. The camp team have prepared a fun calendar of cultural and outdoors activities (more on these below) to expose the group to a variety of experiences. This is a relaxed and playful time that helps consolidate the language know-how by building connections between theory and real life. This methodology helps students develop skills and confidence quickly and sustainably, just as they did with their own mother tongue.

Participants at the language camp, will be sharing time and space with other kids from other nationalities and backgrounds, the perfect growing soil for new amazing friendships. Having the language as common tool, they will expand their views and knowledge about other cultures, they will help and support each other, exchange experiences etc…

And this is not the only way children learn to grow during this time. At the camp, nobody is tidying after them or insisting that they brush their teeth or change their clothes. Instead, each boy and girl are on their own and need to assume responsibility for their daily chores and behaviour. These valuable habits help children gain confidence and independence, something that parents really appreciate when they welcome their loved ones back home.

How is the day structured?

Each morning at camp is class time. Native language trainers will guide the participants in their language learning adventure using interactive and fun methods.

After the lunch break, the afternoon program starts. The camp offers a wide selection of cultural & outdoors activities to continue assimilating the morning learnings in a holiday atmosphere.

Who are the trainers?

inlingua’ s language instructors are native professionals who have been formally trained to teach languages. They count with several years’ experience and carry a big number of didactic and interactive tools in their box, ensuring that pupils get the most of their classes and their time at the camp.

What behaviours are encouraged at the camp?

The language summer camp offers a well-balanced experience between learning, fun and growth. Our trainers keep this always in mind, so they do not try to achieve language perfection, instead they promote comprehension and retention while making it fun and entertaining. Of course, to achieve that they need the full support of the participants.

We love to see children arrive with a sense of adventure and willingness to have a great time, as these set the foundation for the days to come. Parents can contribute to these optimistic feelings by sharing information like this one with them, hence building up positive expectations and dissolving any concerns that the little ones may have in the weeks leading up to the camp.

At the camp we will work on maintaining those great emotions and keeping children motivated. We will promote active participation in all activities and the interaction with fellow students so they can learn from each other and develop friendships. We will also encourage them to behave responsibly towards themselves and their comrades, showing tolerance and respect at all times.

Excited about the camps? inlingua runs yearly Summer Camps near Innsbruck for children 9 to 14. For dates, location and other details visit the inlingua Summer Camps website or call +43 512 562031