Intensive German course in the morning + my.lab

Course name: Deutsch Plus
Levels: A1, A2, B1, B2 all year round; C1 in July / August
Course content: everyday language
Trainer: trained native speakers
Group size: we start with 3 people
Course times: MON to FRI 09.35-11.50 a.m. other times possible plus my.lab to be done at home individually at a computer with internet access.
Course start for beginners: 06.02., 06.03., 03.04., 08.05., 05.06., 03.07., 31.07., 04.09., 02.10., 06.11., 27.11.2023.
Flexible course entry: Students with previous knowledge can join existing courses all year round and flexibly any Monday. If no course or course place is currently available at your level, we will start a new group, even if there are fewer than 3 participants. In this case, the number of teaching units offered will be adjusted while the course price remains the same: 2/3 of the booked teaching units will be held with 2 people, 1/3 with only 1 person.
Price and duration: from 393 € per week; per week there are 15 × 45 minutes language course plus 5 × 45 minutes my.lab (online learning tool); You can determine the number of course weeks yourself.
Learning material: 1 book included if necessary
Highlights: The main focus in this course is on speaking and improving communication skills; you learn the language (writing, reading, speaking) in a structured way. The small group enables you to speak a lot yourself and to practice the language. The diagram shows the active speaking time in a small group of 5 students compared to 10 students. What you learn can be used immediately in real life.

Course output: higher talking time with less students

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