English, Italian, German and Arabic

These are the most important and exciting languages of our time: English – as everyone knows – opens all doors worldwide. With Italian, you have an advantage regarding our neighbours. German as a foreign language is currently a big topic in Tyrol and is also an important and necessary language for children of those who have moved to the Alpine region for work. And then there is Arabic. Yes, Arabic! This opportunity must be seized. The language is spoken as a mother tongue by more than 200 million people in 70 countries around the world. There are also plenty of business opportunities in Arab countries.

The inlingua Year-round Courses

The inlingua small group courses start with the second week of school. Cross entry is also possible during the school year. The pedagogical-didactic approach varies, depending on the age group.

Kindergarten age: Each program level is tailored to match the cognitive maturity of the respective target group. Listening and speaking for themselves allows children to acquire new language skills in a natural way.

The weekly language programme is designed to introduce children to a foreign language at an early age and on a regular basis. Joint games and creative work support the learning of the language. The trainers lead the dialog and motivate the children to participate actively.

From elementary school on, writing and reading also become possible and are used to a lesser extent. Age-appropriate learning materials and joint handicrafts enable language skills to be built up intuitively. Playful language building and age-appropriate topics are as much a focus as reading and writing exercises.

From the 5th grade onwards, language learning becomes much more practical and, in addition, there is the opportunity to take part in the inlingua language camp in the summer.

The courses run from September until the end of June. Subscribe to the mailing list and you will be informedabout new courses.